Sunday, August 31, 2008

thyroid update

Ok - so, if you had read my post on August 1st - you'll see that I was to have my blood tested next in 8 weeks from then which would be approx. the 3rd week in September. Well, I ended up having a blood test after 4 weeks instead, after urging from my wonderful nurse co-workers.

I had been on one dosage from May-July and it changed with the blood draw I had on the 25th of July. This past week and a little more was causing a LOT of trouble for me and it didn't dawn on me that the only thing I had changed was my Synthroid dosage. I was extremely tired, not just from a busy day of work or even playing volleyball - I would sit on the floor to play with Brady and fall asleep sitting straight up. After a few days of that, combined with headaches worse than previous migraines and overall just feeling really crappy - I mention to one of our nurses at work. She wants me to call my doctor and see if they'll order another TSH check to see if that is the culprit.

Sure enough - had my blood drawn on Thursday, August 28 to find that my once too low TSH (was 0.18 and wasn't supposed to be lower than 0.4) was now at 11.69 (and not supposed to be over 5.0). A little over an 11 point jump in 4 weeks - no wonder I felt like crap - that's a HUGE difference! So - now I'm on yet another different dosage of Synthroid, if you're counting - this is my 3rd dosage since May . . . can't say I'm a fan of this constant switching. But, going into this situation, I knew that it usually takes a few tries to find the happy-medium needed, so can't say I'm surprised.

I have decided, however, that this dosage is going to work! Why - you ask? These pills are PINK!!! That has to be good right? hahaha

Anyway, that's all for now - my next blood draw will be in 4-6 weeks, unless I'm feeling crummy again before than. ttfn!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brady's 2nd Birthday

Brady is 2!!!

Sunday July 27th marked Brady's 2nd birthday. Of course, like all parents say - we don't know where the time has gone. We had family and friends over for an Elmo themed party. It was a beautiful evening, so the kids were able to enjoy all our outdoor toys, a pool, and Auntie Sandy's bounce house we borrowed. We feasted on tacos-in-a-bag and of course cake. At right is Brady eating with his cousin Dylan (my brother's youngest). Dylan is 13 days older than Brady. And my mom trying to get both to eat :)

Brady was lucky enough to have great-grandma Doris make his birthday cake. She was a little concerned about how it turned out, but I thought it was great. She cut out tinfoil to act as the windows, Kit Kat bars as the bumpers, yellow M&M's for the headlights and chocolate mints for the tires. I think she did an outstanding job and from the pictures you can probably tell he certainly enjoyed it.

Apparently decided he didn't want to use a fork and used my Pampered Chef spatula - at least he waited until the others had received their pieces of cake :)

We were thrilled that so many were able to attend and think Brady had a wonderful time. He was

able to go swimming with cousins Danielle & Cheyenne as you see above. Had fun playing in the shallow pool and his Little Tikes cars as you see below.

The shallow pool was a gift from his aunt & uncle, Brian & Sandy. We were a little concerned since he hadn't shown a lot of "like" towards pools and water, but I think this has helped him turn that around . . . or so we hope :)

He still isn't the biggest for opening gifts. At least not what I thought he'd be right now - I thought most kids at this age are SO ready to open presents that nothing else matters - not so much with Brady. And he seems to have a short attention span . . . hmm - wonder if that came from his mother? Fortunately, he had cousins Grant & Cheyenne and friend Jada that were more than willing to help - it's always good to have help right?

The birthday party was complete - a big thank you to Brian, Sandy and kids and my family for helping tear down the toys and bring in chairs/tables and presents - it would have taken MUCH longer without their help. The last picture I want to share is of Brady and his cousin Dylan, just because it was too funny. They are sitting on the kitchen floor, eating watermelon - so I ask them to look at me and say "cheese" . . . they looked at each other and said "cheese" - they got it 1/2 right! I just love how it turned out.

I still can't believe he's 2!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lisa update

Hello all! Happy Friday! I can't believe it's already August - that's crazy!

Anyway - wanted to update with how my thyroid is behaving . . . in that it isn't . . . or at least not completely yet anyway. My T4 is now behaving, but my TSH is not. The last time I had blood work done, my T4 was at 0.4 and was too low after my radioactive iodine treatment so I started taking Synthroid to bring it back up. My T4 is now at 1.7, so is in the normal range but on the high end. My TSH was not much of an issue before, but is now not yet balanced out. It is at 0.18 and is supposed to be between 0.4-5.0. I need to continue with the Synthroid, but the dosage has changed and I will be having blood work again in another 8 weeks. That's my update for now.

A huge thank you for those extra prayers for my cousin Heather. She is doing amazingly well for what has happened to her. The MRI results of her knee showed an ACL tear that will require surgery and a fracture to her tibia. So in total, broken tibia, broken wrist and torn ACL. She and her husband were seeing a doctor today to get a second opinion on what should happen here in the near future with regard to her injury, possibly surgery and her pregnancy. But, for now - she's taking it in stride and seems in good spirits despite what has happened - she's such an amazing strong woman!

I hope to get pictures up here of Brady's 2nd birthday - I'm hoping before the weekend is out!

Have a great weekend!