Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So - our 1 weekend that we "get away" in the winter is always to the Metrodome the last weekend in January for Twinsfest. You can find any kind of memorabilia imaginable, meet players, take pictures with players, get autographs, etc. The kids can play baseball and run the bases, jump in bounce houses, see how fast your fast pitch is, and take a swing at some pitches thrown by members of the Gopher baseball team. All in all - a good time. Little did we know how much Brady would enjoy it this year . . . course - was a HUGE help that cousins Grant & Dylan were there too!
We met TC. Brady thought it was a great idea until we were next in line. He freaked out a little, but still went through with it - we were surprised and a little impressed. If you look close enough, you can see the tears . . . and yes, being a horrible mother, I was kinda laughing - knowing how silly he'll think it was 10 years from now. TC autographed a picture for him and now we have this pic to keep - maybe in future years the tears won't be so apparent :) I got to almost meet my new favorite Twin (as of last year). I was so impressed with this man and what he brought to the ball club when he was called up - c'mon - if you watched any games in the last 1/2 of the year - you know what I'm talking about! Anyway, I wanted to get in line to have my picture taken with Denard (of course we're on a first-name basis . . . hahaha) but they had already cut the line off by the time we found it :( I'll have to settle for this one.

Hope everyone's staying warm in the this delightful last (I say that with VERY HIGH HOPES!)blast of winter and that Valentine's Day was wonderful, no matter how or with whom you spent it.