Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was a crazy busy, sugar-high weekend! Brady celebrated with 3 parties (and Samantha with 2) on Friday the 29th ~ preschool, daycare and one at Uncle Brad & Aunt Sara's. Saturday the 30th was Brad's birthday, so more fun and sugar :) Sunday was actually Halloween and we took the opportunity to trick-or-treat outside for the first time - now that we're in this kid-friendly area. It was a BLAST!! We had around 130 trick-or-treaters and Brady went to approx. 35 houses and came home with over 150 pieces of candy! James had to carry his bucket the last stretch because it was too heavy!

Brady taking his swing at the pinata
Brady & Samantha grabbing candy when the pinata finally broke
Samantha - my little NDSU Bison cheerleader
the crew of church friends' kids at Brad & Sara's
Jeff Gordon & NDSU cheerleader - ready to go!
"real" trick-or-treating!
3 of us dressed up - granted, mine wasn't a big stretch
Samantha & mom