Monday, September 13, 2010

Brady's 1st day of preschool

Well . . . it's happened, the start of the schooling process. Brady is going to a preschool called "Brighter Beginnings" in South Fargo about 2 1/2 blocks from daycare. He goes Mon, Wed, Fri from 12:30-3pm. We lucked out that one of the fellow preschool moms is able to pick him up at daycare and bring him back.
I was really thrilled not to have to take him for his 1st day . . . . I would have been a puddle! James took him and I picked him up for his 1st day, just in case there was any nervousness/anxiety issues. He did great! James says he was so excited to go in that he momentarily forgot to give James a hug goodbye and when I picked him up, he talked nonstop! It was awesome!

ready to go!
NDSU Bison backpack he picked out
ready to get in dad's car
standing at the door of preschool
standing by his name on his cubby