Monday, November 30, 2009

Samantha's 1st 3 months

Yep - almost December and I haven't posted anything since August! Here's some pics over the last couple months. Samantha will be 4 months old on Saturday and laughs & smiles regularly and has started "talking" and Brady is as fun as ever. The 3's haven't been the best in some regards, but I can't express how fun it is just having a conversation with him!

1st time Brady held Samantha - 8 days old

a tired family :)

cousins-Samantha, Grant, Brady & Dylan

We took in the final home stand in the Metrodome - can't wait for outdoor Twins baseball next year! back row: Brady, my mom, me & James front row: my dad, Dylan, my brother, Samantha, Grant & my sis-in-law

Brady with his "rally hat" on :)

Randy Bush, me & Tom Brunansky (my fav Twin EVER!!)

Samantha giggles!!

baptism day! the dress was mine when I was baptized, 7 days shy of exactly 31 years before

OMG - so love her smiles!

a try at a family self-portrait laying on our living room floor!