Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm finally going to get some pictures on here like I had promised - just had some time to transfer my digital pics to the computer - so take a peek if you want and have the time - thanks!

The pictures on the left was taken the weekend before Memorial Day, so Brady was a couple days shy of being 22 months old - I love the big grin and that he's learned how to smile for me when I say "cheese". The picture on the right is just yesterday - again, still good with that cheese. Just a couple of my favorite pics

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

test results

Hello all - got my test results - my once overactive thyroid is now not doing enough :) How's that? Well, my endocrinology doctor said that sometimes the radioactive iodine treatment works a little too well - which is what happened. My T4 level (which is the one that started all of this at 3.8) is now at 0.4 and is supposed to be no lower than 0.7 - so just barely under. So now, and hopefully briefly, I am hypothyroid. I am to take a medication called Synthroid for 3 months to put it back in the normal range and see my primary care doctor in the beginning of August where she'll order another blood test to be sure this Synthroid medication has been working.

On another note - asking for your thoughts and prayers. Our brother-in-law Jeff (James' youngest sister, her husband) is currently at the Mayo Clinic with some troubles. He had surgery yesterday and is possibly having another tomorrow to fix a problem of his lung continually filling with fluid. This whole process started 2 months ago when he was having trouble breathing and taking deep breaths - was hospitalized in Bismarck for a week or so and then transfered to Mayo because they felt that was best for him. He spent around 2 weeks at Mayo the end of March and early April with doctors running all sorts of tests, deciding that this could be handled maybe with a special diet. Well - early last week he was having trouble breathing again and was sent back to Mayo. The surgery yesterday was to go in to the lymphnodes just below the shoulder on the side where the lung is filling with fluid. The surgery Wednesday may be to do the other side. We're not real sure on the specifics, but understand it is very rare. The surgeons that are doing the surgery at #1 & #2 in the nation but have only done this particular surgery4 times I believe. It was decided that this is a condition Jeff has had since birth and doctors are surprised he survived it as an infant. Babies that have this condition are unable to vocalize their trouble breathing and the fluid takes over the lung space in the lung and basically they drown. So, the fact that he's in his mid 30's with this condition is rather impressive.

Hope you are all well! Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

recent diagnosis

an update for some - others might not have known what I've had going on in the past couple months. So, I'll post the whole thing for those that don't know.

In late January, I was having some fainting, dizzy, blurry vision, hot flash moments. None of those got my attention until I started having some fast heart pounding that took my breath away - that definitely got my attention. On February 1, I took Brady to our family doctor for his 18 month check up and my/his doctor asked what was going on with me because I "didn't look right". I explained to her the above symptoms I was having so she ran some blood tests. Turns out my thyroid was really out of whack. My T4 (which is a component of the thyroid gland) was at a level of 3.8 - the high end of the normal range is 1.8 - not good. The clinical term for this is "hyperthyroidism".

My family doctor refers me to an endocrinologist that specializes in this and I see him 4 days later. At that appointment, he does an exam which consists of feeling my throat for any swelling or goiters and checking my vision and measuring my eyes. Apparently most people with hyperthyroidism notice symptoms with their vision first. Everything checked out normal. His recommendation was to take a small dose of radioactive iodine that would tell us exactly what kind of hyperthyroidism I had - there are 3 kinds: thyroiditis (which is temporary and comes and goes as it pleases, so unable to treat really), Grave's disease, also known as Hashimoto's; and I can't remember the one of the third.

After taking the radioactive iodine pill, I returned to the hospital to have a scan done. A device was close to my thyroid determining what percentage is was overworking. It resulted in 53.5% - the normal high is 28%. This meant I have Grave's disease. 2 weeks later I was given an appropriate dose of radioactive iodine (based on my %) as treatment. The radioactive iodine is the fastest and most effective treatment for Grave's because it directly attacks the overactive part of the thyroid and destroys those cells. I was unable to work for 4 days (because I work with pregnant gals), couldn't do anything with Brady, couldn't touch anything Brady or James might touch but if a must, had to wear gloves, couldn't be in a car with anyone, couldn't go to the movie theater or any restaurants, had to use a separate bathroom and sleeping arrangements. Now in hindsight, doesn't seem so bad - but at the time, couldn't have felt like longer days.

8 weeks later on April 8 I had my blood tested again to be sure it was working. My levels had to be dropping from the initial 3.8 or I had to do the radioactive iodine again - yuck! I was fortunate and my levels had indeed dropped and were now at 2.0. Still higher than they should be, but going in the right direction. I had my blood tested again today (5/8) to see if they are continuing to drop. My endocrinologist would like to see my number at no higher than 1.5 - cross your fingers - I hope to have results tomorrow!

That's been our immediate world so far - bump in the road, but thank goodness nothing serious. It does involve us having to wait 6 months to add to our family which was an initial bummer, but if this treatment makes the next pregnancy safer for me and baby - it will be worth it!


Hello all! Thought we'd start this blog to mainly show pictures on how fast Brady is growing. We can't believe it and we see him everyday. Also - to keep you posted what is going on in our lives and families.