Friday, October 31, 2008

job change

Hello all!!! It's been a little while - sorry about that! Happy to report that my thyroid has been behaving, I actually get cold sometimes - haven't had that for 2 years or more.

I wanted to let you know that in 2 weeks I will be leaving MeritCare, which has been my "home" for the past 6 years (and some change). I will be soon working for Dr Jeffrey Harvey, an orthodontist, in south Moorhead. My position is called a scheduling coordinator, which has similar functions of my job here at MeritCare, but a few new ones I don't even know all about yet.

I've been a little frustrated with MeritCare in the inability for advancement and growth, so felt I needed a change - maybe it's turning 30 and need to "mix it up" in this new decade, I don't know. I am a creature of comfort, so am a little anxious about the change, but it's what I need to do right now and is good for my family, finally putting that bachelor's degree to use.

It will mean changes in our daily life, James will now have to bring Brady to daycare, but I will still pick him up. I think James is actually excited for that, just to become a part of that daily routine that he hasn't been for 2 years, except on rare occasion. Being in the dental world, I'll get to frequently have Fridays off - not sure what I'm going to do yet with that time but excited to find out.

So - that is a change in my/our world and hoping for the best. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well in the transition and my new co-workers like me!! :)


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Festival

We had such a fun time on Sunday going to our first Fall Festival here at Rheault Farms. For those of you not familiar - it's a farm-like layout that turns into a pumpkin patch of sorts for the last 2 weekends in September and is run by the Fargo Parks and Rec department.

Kids can pick their own pumpkins, decorate them with glitter, ride ponies, shoot hoops, toss bean bags, ring toss, ride the train, jump in the bounce house, climb the inflatable ladder and slide down the other side and other things. This was our first time at any sort of pumpkin patch with Brady, so were quite exited - and of course took plenty of pictures.

We were joined by our good friends Sonny & Christy and their daughter, Jada. Jada is just over 5 months younger than Brady and they have a really good time together.

Apparently something about falling down was quite funny . . .

The only thing he wasn't having was the ponies. He was a big talker until it was his turn to get on for a ride - he curled himself up in a ball so his feet wouldn't even touch it

He did surprise us in liking the slide - although, as you'll see, I got to go with him. Can't say I minded too much after he realized he was safe and when his belly laughing started. I was afraid we wouldn't get him to do anything else.

Hopefully the LAST thyroid update!

I was right!!! The pink pills are it! I had another blood test on Sept 25 to find that my levels are now in the normal range. My TSH level is at 3.69 - nicely in the middle of the 0.4-5.0 normal range. So - this is the right dosage and as far as I know, I only have to have it tested once a year now. I was too excited to ask questions when I got the phone call! Just wanted to share the good news!