Saturday, April 16, 2011


So - we've had a little girl that is growing up so quickly! She doesn't like to say much for words but certainly understands what is going on. We hear "Dora" MANY times in a day - more than "mom" & "dad" actually, but she loves Dora.

She's started to come into her own personality . . . some good, some not so good. All we know is very different from Brady - we scratch our heads somedays, wondering how 2 kids came from the same parents and can be so different! Guess that's why God gave her to us - to learn understanding :)

Brady setting the timer on the camera
eating all by herself
using a spoon all by herself
FINALLY letting me put headbands on!

getting the last fruit loop!

just being silly

what we call our "hockey hair" picture

LOVES fudge muffins!

although - tuna noodle casserole is her ALLTIME favorite - look how well she wears it! :)

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